Building again

It's been a year and a half since I wrote something here at all. While I moved over somewhat to Substack, I never quite enjoyed it, while writing on this page via Github was a bit of a hassle.

However, I finally find myself in VSCode on a weekly basis, tinkering more and more as ChatGPT's fueled my desire to explore, prototype quick hacks, and ship. For realย โ€“ I actually shipped something! This tweet below describes the mental change I've been trying to make that's been paying dividends.

Given the rapid decline in idea ๐Ÿ” prototype time, I *really* hope we see a change in mentality where we all swap "I wish there was a solution to X" to "How might we solve X".

โ€” Raveesh Bhalla (@raveeshbhalla) March 26, 2023

On top of that, need to give major kudos to Vercel for making the developer experience of building for the web so much better than what I last remember (circa 2013). I mean this about both their own platform, as well as NextJS (which I'm finally getting the hang of). Putting together this new site as a replacement for my old Jekyll driven one was actually fun โ€“ though I still need to get around to finally getting comfortable with CSS!

Hopefully you all see me write more often. And more importantly, ship more often.